Lovely Lauren

Lauren is a ballerina. I first met her in 2009. She was studying ballet daily then and I remember getting photos of her bruised and battered feet next to her point shoes. Then she leaped effortlessly across a hard stone floor. I got to take my daughter to watch Lauren perform for several years, once as Clara in the Nutcracker. Lauren’s passion and devotion to ballet is unwavering and she is now studying at the prestigious Boston Conservatory. I am so excited for her to have such an amazing experience. I love the quote from the school’s website, “Performance is the courage to make choices that bring you closer to the becoming the artist you strive to be.”

Lauren is on her way and I was beyond thrilled to take her headshots for her programs and auditions. She as devoted her life to her art and that is a rare beauty.




I have been wanting to post of few photos from our whale watching adventure on Sunspot with the amazing Sunny Cooper. A beautiful whale came right up beside us (we tried to get out of the way but she seemed to like our company!). It was pretty amazing to watch the barnacle covered back rise and fall under the surface of the big gray ocean. I was too much in awe to take a lot of photos of the beauty but we had a spectacular day.


Maggie and Dion’s Wedding

I am so excited to share a few of my favorites from Maggie and Dion’s gorgeous wedding at Green Gables Estate. It is a tree and vegetation rich oasis where a 1920′s school house was turned into a wedding venue. I loved every inch of it! But the best part was being there with Dion and Maggie during the prep, ceremony and celebration. The wedding was on Valentine’s Day and all the guests wore red. It was beautiful! Their happiness and joy was contagious and shown by everyone.

And yes, the last photo is Maggie being thrown in the air by her exuberant guests up with the chandeliers. So fun!


First SXSW Experience

I just flew back from Austin after spending 4 days there during the South by Southwest Film, Music and Interactive Festival.
It was my first trip to Austin, a city I’ve been dying to go to for years. It had all that I had expected and more: Friendly smiling faces, gormet food trucks wafting BBQ the air at every corner, musicians making magic out of their often homemade instruments. I was soaking it all in. It was incredible to be in the hub of progressive technology, art and music. Everyone was there to celebrate and learn.
But the highlight, by far, was being a part of the film Space Station 76’s premier screening.  My cousin, producer Rachel Ward of Rival Pictures, discovered the script for the film 7 years ago. She and her husband, producer Ed Parks, brought together a team of highly creative artists. Everyone who read the script fell in love with it. The incredibly talented acting coach, writer and director Jack Plotnic directed the film. I got to be on the set (on the dolly with the cameraman) taking the stills when they were shooting the film in 2012. Liv Tyler, Matt Bomer, Patrick Wilson, Jerry O’Connell, Kali Rocha, Marisa Coughlan were all part of the amazing crew of actors that blew everyone away with their performances. Everyone that was a part of the film was in it because it was different, personal, unique and beautiful. The film achieved all that and more and was a huge success. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have spent the last 4 days with such talent, creatives, and risk takers who collaborated to make something so touching and beautiful. Truly an inspiration.
The photos above are from the Q and A after the screening, a balloon light installation in the park, the band Caveman that played at the Space Station after party, and me (taken by Diane Richey-Ward).

Catch Up

Wow, it’s been since Nov. since I’ve posted! I’ve been busy with photos to say the least. And I also took a week (9 days actually) away from the computer to give my self a chance to really think about where I want to take my photography.

I had a chance to think about what kind of photos make me the happiest. What kind of photos clients are really wanting. Overall, I know that there are a million ways to look at the camera and get a photo with everyone smiling. But that isn’t really what we want.

The beauty in photos lies within the story of the people. The interaction, the relationships, and the feeling we have when we are with these people at this second in time. In a world of photoshop, pinterest, and image saturated social media there is a pressure to be “perfect”. But what is real isn’t perfect. And what is real is what we crave and what we love.

So I am excited to take our photosessions a step further. I look forward to being a part of the tiny details and the uniquely you specific moments that you will feel every time you see the photo and  will become even more powerful in the decades to come. It’s going to be fun.

More details on the new photosessions, art inspiration and inspiring people, coming soon.

Here are some black and whites from a few of the sessions I’ve done over the past 2 months.