Kylie, Cameron, and Mia

It’s been a few years since I’ve had a chance to see these guys and it was such a treat! Their beautiful faces and lighthearted manner were a joy to be with. And Stella, the dog… How can you Not smile when you look at her??


Portraits vs. Headshots

When I see a bad headshot, a part of me cries inside. Especially so when I know the person and I know how beautiful they are! I think of my sessions as portrait sessions. Everyone deserves a portrait they are proud of. And I love being the person that can give them that. It is really difficult to sit in a chair with a random backdrop and a strange person asking you to “smile” at the camera. If you feel awkward and uncomfortable while the photo is being taken, then you will feel that way when you see the photo later. I enjoy taking my clients outside, walking around, finding areas with gorgeous light in an environment that is uplifting and creative. We talk about what makes us happy and how we love to be. All these pieces add up to the making of a sincere and lovely portrait that my clients can be proud to show. They know if their first impressions are through Facebook, LinkedIn, or in an email, that their photo shows their personal beauty. And I love that!

Here are a few photos from two recent sessions. Both couples were so sweet and awesome and we had such a fun time!


Three Girls

I am just posting one from this amazing session we did in January. This inspiring soul, Anna Maria, has a beauty that fills the room. She recently gave birth to her two full term twin girls, Luna Love and Emilia Love. I couldn’t be more happy for her and her family!


Big Sur

Our family recently ventured up the coast for a great stay in Big Sur. We stayed at Fernwood Resort, which I highly recommend. They have beautiful tiny cabins nestled in the middle of the redwoods. If you have been to Big Sur, you know of the unspeakable majesty of the area. If you haven’t been there, then put it on your list. You won’t be disappointed.

My favorite times are when I’m with my family and friends in nature. That is when everything feels so right.



Lovely Lauren

Lauren is a ballerina. I first met her in 2009. She was studying ballet daily then and I remember getting photos of her bruised and battered feet next to her point shoes. Then she leaped effortlessly across a hard stone floor. I got to take my daughter to watch Lauren perform for several years, once as Clara in the Nutcracker. Lauren’s passion and devotion to ballet is unwavering and she is now studying at the prestigious Boston Conservatory. I am so excited for her to have such an amazing experience. I love the quote from the school’s website, “Performance is the courage to make choices that bring you closer to the becoming the artist you strive to be.”

Lauren is on her way and I was beyond thrilled to take her headshots for her programs and auditions. She as devoted her life to her art and that is a rare beauty.